love is a mystery

the story is about a girl named Sarah who love dancing she always want to be the best dancer and she is at least she is the best in Las vegas. she just finished high school she hate 1D but what happens when she moving to Hollywood and is getting a job as their choreographer?

find out in 'Love is a mystery'


7. confusing

Harry's P.O.V

Niall just dared Sarah to kiss me. I don't get why

Sarah is going over to me and kissing my cheek then going back again.

"aaay?!!" Niall is saying

"You didn't said should kiss him on the mouth" Sarah is saying laughing.  

"Good your turn to ask" Niall is saying a bit disappointed.

"K uh Liam truth or dare?" Sarah is asking looking at Liam.

"truth" Liam is saying.

"K Who do you best like of us that's here?" Sarah is asking.

Liam is thinking while looking at us.

"I like all of u the best just in different way I mean Niall you're my best joking and eating buddy and Harry and Louis you're the one I always talk about girls and stuff with and Zayn you're my cool buddy" Liam is saying.

And its all right what he tells about us I mean we can all hang out together sometimes its just cooler to be two or three.

 "Uh you what about me?" Sarah is asking.

"Taking the best as last" Liam is saying or trying to save it I'm laughing.

"Sure I believe that" Sarah is saying laughing.

"Sarah you're the best choreographer and the hottest girl friend ever" Liam is saying.

"Haha thanks" Sarah is saying.

At some point I get kinda annoyed when Liam calls  Sarah hot. It was me that should tell her that everyday not him! Wait WHAT NO forget all I just said it was nothing K.

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