love is a mystery

the story is about a girl named Sarah who love dancing she always want to be the best dancer and she is at least she is the best in Las vegas. she just finished high school she hate 1D but what happens when she moving to Hollywood and is getting a job as their choreographer?

find out in 'Love is a mystery'


2. a beauty face


(45 minutse later)


Harry's P.O.V

I´m just walking around in the airport, giving some autographs and saying 'hi' to directioners when I get a text 

from Nialler to Haz

*Harry our new choreographer have been here in 15 minutes now hurry*

Wow the time is passing when you are going around meeting fans. Not that I want to meet her I do not have a choice so I'm going back only to be fair. 

I see the boys and Simon standing with a girl about our age and when she is turning around she looks actually beautiful.

I'm reaching out my hand for her to shake it.

"hi you must be Harry, I'm Sarah" she is saying with the sweetest most innocent voice.

"yeah I'm Harry nice to met you Sarah" I'm saying smiling.


Sarah's P.O.V

The guys sounds really nice maybe I´m wrong about them maybe they aren't that bad.

The blond guy with the blue eyes I don't remember his name comes over to me.

"Hi I'm sorry but Harry is uh some where in this airport" he is saying.

"Ok what was you name again?" I'm asking nice.

He reaches out his hand for me to shake it so I does.

"I'm Niall, that is Zayn, that is Liam, that is Luis and yeah the one who isn't here is Harry" Niall is telling me.

"thanks Niall" I'm saying nicely.

Niall is looking down on his phone it seems like he is texting somebody.

(5 minutes later) 

Niall is waving to some guy it might be Harry.

"is that Harry?" I'm asking just to be sure I mean I've spotted them in magazines but I never looked at a magazine with them on so I don't exactly know how they look like.

"Yes" Niall is answering.

I'm walking over to Harry.

"hi you must be Harry, I'm Sarah" I'm saying trying to be nice but at some reason I don't like this Harry guy well I think I got him to think I'm just nice.

"Yeah I'm Harry, nice to met you Sarah" Harry is saying.

I'm just smiling but I just don't like his attitude. He seems like he think he is the leader of the band and can do what he want but you know what they are saying don't judge someone you don't know.

Simon have explained what we are going to do now that we're all here. We are going on his private plane and flying to Hollywood.

"how long is gonna take?" I'm asking.

"about 50 minutes" Simon is saying.

I'm nodding and taking my stuffs as we are walking to the plane.

"Sarah the bodyguards is taking your stuffs from you car ok" Simon is saying.

"K" I'm saying falling and dropping my bag so my iPod and some papers is falling out Harry hurries over to me and helps me getting my things in my bag again.

"Thanks Harry?" I'm saying trying not to sound surprised.

"Don't be surprised I'm not what you think" Harry is saying smirking.

I'm looking confused then I'm rolling my eyes at him every girl would probably scream or cry of happiness if Harry styles talked like that to them. But the thing is I am NOT like every girl.

I´m walking away with the others and 'jumps' into the plane 'Wow' is all I can say its so big I mean there is to couches T.V and a snake bar.

"good, people sit down we are flying now" the pilot is saying trough the speaker.

I´m taking a sit in one of the couches and Harry is coming taking the sit beside me and Niall on the other side. The other boys are jumping on the another couch.

The whole time we are just talking and they are asking me some questions about myself.

"K Sarah are you a fan or" Louis is asking.

Oh no what am I supposed to say I just can't come here and say; no I hate you guys thats why I'm you new choreographer.

"Uh I-I don't misunderstand me but I didn't knew it was you I should work for I just knew I could dance and if I knew at that time it was you guys I should work for I would for sure say no cause I don- didn't like you or your music BUT now that I know you, you are pretty cool" I'm saying.

"K so you don't want to be here?" Zayn is asking.

"no I want to be here" I'm saying.

Its true I just got you know kinda disappointed it was them.

"Oh well we will make you like our music and us" Harry is saying smirking when he is saying 'us'. I'm just smiling and rolling my eyes and taking my headphones in my ears and falling asleep.


Harry's P.O.V

Sarah is asleep and the boys are also so I'm moving closer to Sarah and laying my arm around her.

I swear I´ll make her like our music. I'm taking her iPod out of her hands she is listing to 'I am me' by Willow Smith. I'm switching the song to 'Strong' by you know us/1D I look at her and she starts to smile when I'm plays the song. I don't think it is gonna be hard to make like our music cause she obesely like it when she is sleeping haha.









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