Minecraft: Part II

Steve's adventure continues!! Following his fight with the Ender Dragon, he and Porky fall into a cave. The cave contains an altar that sends him to a strange world...filled with people! They all look different, with people who looked like Creepers. They all claim to have a journey the same as his! Watch (or read, I suppose) as he plays exciting mini-games, deadly battles, and encounters a force beyond evil: GREIFERS!

Herobrine was only the beginning...


2. The Server

A man in a suit and a blue cape with a yellow pickaxe ran up to him. DaBoss457 hovered above his head.

"Is that your name?" asked Steve.

"DaBoss457? Sure is!"

"Where am I?"

"Welcome to my server! You can play fun games, deadly battles on the Hunger Games, and try our challenging parkour race!" said DaBoss.

"How did I get here?"

"Found that cave didn't you? After killing the Ender Dragon?"

"Yeah! Cause Herobrine made me! He made you kill it too?"

"No! Herobrine made you kill it?! Nobody's ever encountered him. Almost no one even believes he exists!"

"Forget it. Do you know where the Hunger Games are?"

The brick mansion. It's on your left."

Steve looked around. There was a massive stone castle that with holographic words above it that read MINI GAMES. Next to it was a giant, man-made tree, labeled PARKOUR. Next to that was a huge brick mansion, with THE HUNGER GAMES above it. Steve ran over to it, some other people wandering over around him. He found seventeen pools of water, each a different color of water. There was one with black water that read 23/24 players. Steve jumped in without hesitation.

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