Minecraft: Part II

Steve's adventure continues!! Following his fight with the Ender Dragon, he and Porky fall into a cave. The cave contains an altar that sends him to a strange world...filled with people! They all look different, with people who looked like Creepers. They all claim to have a journey the same as his! Watch (or read, I suppose) as he plays exciting mini-games, deadly battles, and encounters a force beyond evil: GREIFERS!

Herobrine was only the beginning...


1. The Dungeon

Steve and Porky fell onto the sweet, soft green grass. Steve's armor was badly dented, and his sword bore many nicks and scratches. He lay still for a moment, relaxing. He looked up and saw the village, his castle overlooking it. As he walked through the village, many residents pointed and stared at him. As he walked, he failed to notice A 1x1 hole in ground. He and Porky fell 30 blocks down into a small pool of water. It wasn't just that. though. It was a massive, surprisingly well-lit cave. He and Porky climbed out, his armor chafing. He pulled it off and put in his backpack to dry. There was a statue of a man, who, if it were life-size, would be Steve's height and build. He was bald and had a reddish-brown T shirt. His mouth was a straight white line, and he had a bushy black beard. Steve stepped onto an altar, a circular platform with a stand on it. The stand held a book. Steve opened the book. IT was leather-bound and looked hand-written. It described villagers rising to join the mystical, less advanced land of "Xbox360 Edition." Steve dismissed it as a fairy-tale. He closed the book, scattering dust. He was now able to read the title.

"Minecraft Wiki..." he muttered. "Strange name for a book."

An orange light was coming from an opening in the ceiling. He pushed Porky out of the way, the light engulfing him. He couldn't see outside the light. Then it was gone. And he looked around, and saw something very, very strange.

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