Minecraft: Part II

Steve's adventure continues!! Following his fight with the Ender Dragon, he and Porky fall into a cave. The cave contains an altar that sends him to a strange world...filled with people! They all look different, with people who looked like Creepers. They all claim to have a journey the same as his! Watch (or read, I suppose) as he plays exciting mini-games, deadly battles, and encounters a force beyond evil: GREIFERS!

Herobrine was only the beginning...


7. Steve the Admin

Steve tested out his newfound admin abilities by switching to creative and rebuilding the spawn from memory. Reports rolled in of a man in dark black suit and a diamond sword committing first-degree murder. Steve put up a bounty of 64 diamond blocks for his capture. Even more reports came in after that. Steve then decided to take care it himself. He switched to creative and pulled out a full set of diamond armor, a sword, and bow with the Infinity enchantment. (He'll never run out of arrows.) He and Craig hit the streets after sundown. They soon found a message written in blood on a wall, probably from the Greifer. It read




"I've never noticed that before..." muttered Craig.

"Noticed what?" asked Steve.

"There's a gravel road that connects everything, right? The Mini-Games castle, the Parkour tree, the Hunger Games mansion?"

"Yeah..." said Steve.

"Then what..." said Craig. "Is that?" He pointed at a row of golden blocks leading toward the Factions army base. They followed the road left by the Greifer. It kept going through the army base and out to the wilderness, a huge, dark forest.

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