Minecraft: Part II

Steve's adventure continues!! Following his fight with the Ender Dragon, he and Porky fall into a cave. The cave contains an altar that sends him to a strange world...filled with people! They all look different, with people who looked like Creepers. They all claim to have a journey the same as his! Watch (or read, I suppose) as he plays exciting mini-games, deadly battles, and encounters a force beyond evil: GREIFERS!

Herobrine was only the beginning...


10. Spleef

The Greifer immediately broke a block. Steve jumped out of the way and destroyed another block. This went back and forth for almost an hour. Steve was drenched in sweat.

"Give up!" shouted the Greifer. "You're losing to a disabled man who hasn't played spleef in thirty years!"

With that, he broke the block beneath Steve. He fell into the lava. It was searing hot, and he could feel his body burning up. Craig appeared out of nowhere.

"BAN HIM, Steve! Ban him!"

With his last breath, Steve choked out "The Griefer is banned!"

The Griefer turned to dust, and Steve was no more, leaving a depressed Craig standing there.

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