Yes, I am a witch! Deal with it!

Garnet, 17, is the responsible adult in her life. Her family are forced to run away to where a mysterious scholarship takes her to university and a discovery she'd never even dreamt could happen. Follow her through a life of discoveries, friendship, love and best of all... magick!


2. Why have a house when you can have a tent?

We speed along at 70 mph with me driving (since I'm the only one with a license) and Mum, Steve and Hazel sleeping in the back. I earned the money to take a driving test through little jobs like baby sitting and paper rounds. I spent the rest of the money on a red Ford Fiesta; apparently green wouldn't suit it.The time goes by slowly and we stop twice for a toilet break and snack. We go past tall city buildings, mown down woods and eventually rolling hills of corn fields.

I pull up on a smaller road next to a field of tall grass. It looks uncared for and abandoned so I climb out and open the rusty gate. It is only then that I notice the seemingly never ending forests lining the back of the field. When I get back in the car, I slowly drive through the gates. Checking for no police cars, I speed up and head towards the forests.

The small Fiesta fits perfectly behind a lush, thorny bush. Hazel stirs in her sleep, then slowly opens her tiny eyes and stretches out her cletched fists. I unfasten her seatbelt and carefully lift her out. I hold her with one arm whilst opening the boot with the other. She happily settles down after being put in her carrier. I take my first proper look around me and see a thick covering of trees around us. There is a large clearing up ahead that seems like the perfect place to stay for a while. I walk back to the car and take out two tents and all our suitcases before laying them down in the clearing.

"This is our new home, Hazel" I whisper in Hazel's peach coloured ear. Then I get to work by methodically setting up the tents. One for me and Hazel, one for Mum and Steve. I use a mallet to peg down the base sheet for the first tent. Then slide the poles into the main tent before setting it up on top of the base (after the poles flick back at me several times). I repeat the same steps for the other, at the opposite side of the clearing. The last thing I do is put everything else inside them.

I look around but feel like I'm missing something... a place to put the camp fire! I use a few sticks to make a roasting stand and put a pile of kindling underneath. There, done!

"Home, sweet home, Hazel!"

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