The girl and the dog

This is about me Collet and my dog Lou-Lou, wanting to win this competition. A competition we loose at every year.��


5. winners or losers

So it's now 4:30 and it's time for the official ceremony. I stand there hoping we have done good,hoping we haven't come last like normal. I turn to face my dad in the crowds but there's no sign of him. But why? I turned back hoping he would come to watch me and Lou win. I knew this was the year where we had victory, where we would crush stupid George and Christian. I stood there shaking, feeling light headed, stomach churning. I looked at Lou and she looked nervous aswell. She jumped into my arms while I was still looking for my dad I bet he left because we are gonna loose. I wish he could see me loose then I would have more dignity then I would if he wasn't here.

Time for the ribbons, I wasn't called out for the ribbons. That's kinda weird.... I always get called out for ribbons but I never get one. At this moment I felt sick I had to leave I had to run away I couldn't do this, but then mine and Lou-Lou's name got called out. But why?? Nobody Else's name got called out, I got into the arena and saw my dad standing with a huge trophy and smiling. Me and Lou was so excited this year we finally won I was over joyed I ran upto my dad and gave him a big hug. I grabbed Lou and carried her around the arena where everyone could see how talented my beautiful dog was.

And there we have the trophy after all these years

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