The girl and the dog

This is about me Collet and my dog Lou-Lou, wanting to win this competition. A competition we loose at every year.��


2. the comp

We got at the comp at 2 o'clock and it lasted until 5pm. Me and loo-loo jumped out of the car in mixed emotions, I took her leather leash and started to walk into the building. The building was massive,big grand pillars in front covered in ribbons of green and blue. As we walked cautiously into the large marble building I saw a wide variety of dog such as: German Shepards, red setters, King Charles spaniels and so much more my eyes were amazed. All of the other dogs were warming up for the parade and trick section they were all so beautifully groom some dog even had ribbons in there fur,not right, and when you look at us u would thing HELL NO we are one of those dog,human couple that you would turn your nose up at.


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