Thistlewick Once Upon a Dream

Now that Maleficent has become the fairy God mother of Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty, she has a ball of sunshine of her own. Her name is Thistlewick , and she is the moor's most darling fairy. Thistlewick has an eventful time exploring the globe with her two friends Odette and Eveline and finding true love with soon to be known Peter Pan . She will learn of the world around her and the possible existence of true love.


4. Thistlewick : chapter4 The three Musketeers

Thistlewick : chapter 4 The three Musketeers

You know how they say that "time flies " or " tempus Fugits" . Well in the fairy glen days grew into weeks and weeks into months which became years. Thistlewick really was a beautiful thing . Not the type when you see an expecting couple you happen to know and say "I bet it's going to be beautiful " when really you're thinking " that kid is going to be as ugly as dead slug!"

No she was truly a sight, already . Six years had passed and she had long pretty red hair that vibrantly gleamed in the sun. Her eyes were like her mothers; green and sparkly. She had full red lips like cherries and her wings were just as big and majestic as her moms. In addition to that , her natural golden diadem was the envy of all fairies that lived in the moor.

Her two friends were pretty as well. Odette had the same captivating feathers that she had when she was a swan. Her sandy blondish brown hair resembled the shores and her aqua colored eyes were well complimented by her long dark eyelashes and full dark eyebrows. Her checks seemed as though they were kissed by roses.

Her other friend Eveline, had beauty that could not be found elsewhere in all of the Moor . Her chocolate complexion was perfectly even and she had sharp light brown eyes. Her hair was curly and thick and was unlike any other .

The three would grow together as close as sisters and would share entwined destinies for years to come.

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