Thistlewick Once Upon a Dream

Now that Maleficent has become the fairy God mother of Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty, she has a ball of sunshine of her own. Her name is Thistlewick , and she is the moor's most darling fairy. Thistlewick has an eventful time exploring the globe with her two friends Odette and Eveline and finding true love with soon to be known Peter Pan . She will learn of the world around her and the possible existence of true love.


3. The Jubilee

It had been eight weeks since the little red ball of fire was brought into the world of fairies. Eight weeks from that dawn where it was said a baby boy laughed. A baby boy who was human and lived in a rural village . It is said that a fairy is born when a baby makes its first laugh. Though many argue that Maleficent's power and ability was sufficient enough to put a fairy into existence.

The baby boy's name was Peter. Many children for generations to come would learn of his adventurous days and eternal boyhood. There would be many girls to come into his life, but Thistlewick would be the first and primary. It was she who would share his first true love's kiss that would change her life forever. But, it would be years before he would wonder into the moors or what history and literature would call Neverland.

However, that day would have to wait for sixteen years on their birthday. The future is so aloof , anyway while the present can be so demanding. Now all of the moor was in attendance of the Jubilee, a party celebrating Thistlewick and welcoming her into the fairy glen. All of the fairies young and old were in line to see the little darling and only a couple of humans were allowed to witness and attend the event. For humans a jubilee would be the closest thing to a christening.

For drinks there was a wide array. For the pixies there were drinks made from the dew and nectar of the forest's flowers. For the fairies and humans alike there were drinks made from the roots of the ginger spices and so many other herbs. The food was a lovely spread that accommodated all of the guests. As each guest stood in line to greet Thistlewick in her royal bassinet , they had in hand a royal gift for the little darling.

The trio of pixies were first in line, just as they were at Queen Aurora's christening . The first pixie , who was blue and named Flora, gave Tistlewick the gift of beauty as she cast her sparkling pixie dust, which was also blue. The second pixie who was green and named Fauna, gave little Thistlewick the gift of true love. She dowsed the babe with green powder, which sent Thistlewick into a sneezing frenzy to which everyone replied: " aww." Finally, Merryweather, the red pixie gave Thistlewick the gift of eternal youth and happiness.

The next and absolutely foremost gift given was given by Maleficent , the mother of the child and she had a brief speech to give before bestowing her present; "To you my beloved and precious one, I do give the gift of friendship that is loyal and true. May it be a blessing to you all of your days my sweet." And with that the mother revealed her gifts; a baby swan with the most beautiful feathers and a small dark skinned girl no bigger than a tree stump. The little swanling was from Diaval. , who discovered her being preyed upon by a raccoon, which he bashed . The adorable little dark girl with braided hair was rescued by Maleficent who happened to be flying overhead when she heard the little girl's screams and overheard her struggle to flee from her captors, who were seeking to sell her into slavery.

In an instant Maleficent turned the little swanling into a beautiful sandy brown haired little girl that she named Odette. As for the dark little girl, she was given fairy wings and a pretty dress and named Eveline. Aurora followed up with her and Philip's present, which was a music box.

The howl crowd was beside themselves at the sight of the trio. The Jubilee went on but a friendship was cemented that day.

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