Thistlewick Once Upon a Dream

Now that Maleficent has become the fairy God mother of Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty, she has a ball of sunshine of her own. Her name is Thistlewick , and she is the moor's most darling fairy. Thistlewick has an eventful time exploring the globe with her two friends Odette and Eveline and finding true love with soon to be known Peter Pan . She will learn of the world around her and the possible existence of true love.


7. Chapter seven: The wreckage


Chapter 7: The wreckage

The sleep the three fairies had during their stay in the silver dome served as a haven , like a security blanket a scared little child never leaves. Each of their dreams took them to distant lands and utopias.

For Odette, her dream brought her to a beautiful pool of water at the direct deposit of a glorious waterfall. The stream of falling water created a vibrant rainbow with colors that radiated onto the waters reflective surface. In the pool she played with the young flower girls( what the other swans dubbed the practical hippies). The scene was like that of the beginning days of Eden.

For Eveline , she was laying upon a hammock that was secured between two exotic tree that bore scrumptious fruit fit for royalty. The hammock was stationed on an island that had plush vegetation and was stocked with every good that could tempt the human tongue.

Lastly , Thistlewick was entranced with a vision of her Godsister's Aurora's ball opened to all the young girls of the kingdom. The ball extended into the guests being invited to stay the night and enjoy archery , horseback riding, polo, and scavenger hunting the next day.

All too abruptly their dreams were interrupted by the abrasive blaring of the watch tower horn. The slumped over and slouched villagers began to stir like slight ebbs and flows.

Instantaneously , Thistlewick's heart sank as though somebody tied a weight to it. She thought within herself: " I'm dead!"

Her awaiting punishment loomed over her day like the feeling of an inevitable whipping as retribution for an infraction . For another moment she thought: " Maybe we could live with some dwarves." Considering that overall they were quite hospitable . But in her case she would even settle for a family of fair weathered ogres.

At the very least the trio had breakfast to think things over. The mayor's disaster relief committee hanged out begets,sausages and hunks of cheese . If anyone was thirsty , it would mean the committee going into the special reserves of drinking water.

The early morning meal was silent for the three until the same maternal looking woman from the previous night came towards them and sat down. She had every intention of making sure these " helpless little darlings " were brought back home safely . She began to politely and genuinely interrogate them on how they came to be in that ordeal. She asked: " Where are you from?" " Who brought you here?" And " How will you get back?"

Each of them took turns answering a question and sharing the same reaction to the " truth" so as too seem as convincing as possible. To the first question Odette replied: " We are from beyond the hills and beyond the fields of cattle ." Eveline with her hairy newly curled and in slight disarray answered the second question: " A nanny brought us here, but must have left as soon as we got to the fair." Finally, Thistlewick answered the last question: " We have other family in the village, whom we stayed with and they will see to it that we get home."

At the end of the Q& A the woman said :" I feel sorry for your poor mothers!" But Thistlewick was thinking:" In a minute it's going to be poor me!"

Alas the woman seemed satisfied with their story and left them once breakfast concluded. The three were happy when the refugees were allowed to disperse , especially because the dome was metal and metal hurts fairies. Fortunately for them their little wings were protected in their hoods.

The flight back to the moor happened once all the people left and was and arduous journey given all the obstacles created by debris.

They flew in silence for they knew the inevitable: Thistlewick was going to get caught and banned from her God sister's ball.

That evening the Moor's guards alerted their leader of the princesse's return. She was brought to her mother and received her consequence.

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