Thistlewick Once Upon a Dream

Now that Maleficent has become the fairy God mother of Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty, she has a ball of sunshine of her own. Her name is Thistlewick , and she is the moor's most darling fairy. Thistlewick has an eventful time exploring the globe with her two friends Odette and Eveline and finding true love with soon to be known Peter Pan . She will learn of the world around her and the possible existence of true love.


6. Chapter 6 The Tempest

As the sky looked more like a black painted canvas with sparkles thrown on , the greater the winds grew. The winds started as a cool singular breeze, but then the winds became like an entangled rope or waves crashing upon a sea .

The participants of Midsummer were interrupted by a loud and droning alarm sounded by the villages' watch tower men. The men blew from their horns and wrung the tower's bell. What was a calm cool night, became a whirlpool of panic and closing up shop for all of the villagers and vendors.

Immediately terror struck in Thistlewick's heart as she was reminded of the danger they were in when her friend Eveline said: " Let's make for it!" " Trees are a dangerous place to be, we need to get to lower or under grounds." Just as they began to make their way out of the tree, Odette have them a forewarning :" Don't give yourselves away, remember no flying out of the tree only climbing or they will take us for daughters of witches !" A fate that Thistlewick was told of with a foreboding aire only her mother could give:" If they catch you being magical in any sense, they will capture you and you will be at the mercy of the humans' curiosity's and cruelty." Being brought back to the present situation, Thistlewick focused on scaling down the gargantuan tree as whirls of wind whipped thick beads of rain across her face. She, Eveline and Odette all scampered down the tree nearly falling down and tripping over eachother. The little fairies held close their small hoods close to them as they fastened the top buttons.

They were skimming the frenzied area when an older woman with a full face and brown braided hair told them to hurry to the shelter, and guided them there. Usually fairies are hesitant to trust humans since the incident of young and future King Stephan's encounter with Maleficent, the young fairy princess' mother. However, the woman had a maternal aura to her which seems must trustworthy for all younglings alike.

The shelter was a huge metal done encircled by rolls of hay . The dome itself was furnished with animal furs and had fire pits along with the candle holders on the wall. The people stover food in case of an emergency and had a kitchen like section that had a stack of aged wines, sausages and cured meats, cheeses and breads. There were also stored up supplies of wheat should the land of the Celts see days of famine.

The village's mayor announced that there would be a head count and all families present were to be accounted for, as a means to bring scattered families back together.

When the three young fairies realized the nature of their situation and the fact that they were mere unaccompanied minors, they tried their best to evade the head count by hiding behind other large groups of people. Unfortunately, the dome ran out of people who were unaccounted for and separated from their families. This situation brought attention to them even more so because of their young age. When the head counter asked :" Names please young ladies." They gave their names and simply told him that their families were in the village and that their chaperone had simply disappeared.

After the nerve wracking questioning Thistlewick though all was well until she heard the watch guard say:" The storm does not seem that it will lift until morning !" Her heart sunk. She knew there would be no sneaking out and flying away back to the fairy glen. What would be a consequence was a harsh punishment that involved depriving Thistlewick of what she most wanted that year.

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