What did you just say? ~ list of comebacks.

What did you just say? Yes you with that ugly face and ugly life! YES that's right, if you have any brain you will just ignore this and just tun around and say hey what are you saying because you life isn't perfect either ~
a list of great comebacks for you....


2. Harder situation... practice yourself just fill in he blanks!

SITUATION: There's a competition to win a brand new Iphone 6 and as you know it everyone want to win this competition... AND YOU WIN IT!! your so excited but another girl clames it as her own oh no!! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO, DO YOU WANT YOUR IPHONE 6 OR WOULD YOU LET THIS GIRL GET YOUR PHONEE???

~ SOME COMEBACKS (fill in the blanks yourself)

Stop being so mean this is my IPHONE6!


Prove it?

Ok well I won this fair and square. And yes so don't lie!




"Stop being such a        

a) Cow

b) Bitch

c) rebel!

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