Dearest Ben.

Scarlet Harrier is betrothed to Ben Lincoln, but is separated from him as the first world war breaks out. The collection of letters he receives from her are stored here, where the reader may flick through as he or she pleases. Follow her story as she hopes, just hopes, she'll get a letter back. (Please note the media controlled a lot of what the public knew about the war, they advertised it as a game, childsplay. Grown men with dangerous toys. But it was more than that. A whole lot more.)


1. June 17th, 1914

Dearest Ben, 

Have you heard? On the radio this morning, there is to be a war. A war larger than any other we have seen before. Isn't it exciting darling? Shall you join? I would myself, if it wasn't for the wretched chores of being female. I shall miss you, but then again, it's all fun and games, is it not? Oh what a glorious battle it shall be! I shall write to you weekly my love, as I wish to keep in touch, as you do I. Of course, this will delay our wedding but I do not care for such things at a time like this. Your country needs you.

Go show them what you can do darling.

Your dearest Scarlet. xx

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