Interrupted Love


1. The Fourth Move

New school, new friends. It was my fourth time switching schools. I had gotten pretty comfortable with my friends from my last school so I was against changing schools again. I didn't like the idea and I hated my mom for always moving. And with every time we moved, "You'll love it here, I promise." She would say. But I never did. We moved to the town of Brieldin on August 2nd. It was now the 13th. School here started on the 21st and I had spent the last few days roaming the streets of this small town. Unseen on maps and a low population of just 5,367 people. A few days ago, I had found the school where I would soon attend eighth grade. Walking distance. But my mom insisted she drop me off every morning. As usual, I didn't argue. Today, I used my allowance at a small ice cream shop just a mile down the road from where we lived. We had one of the biggest homes in the whole town!! A hidden 7 - bedroom 2 story home with a huge pool in which just 2 people lived in. Me and mom. My mom and dad were separated and I hardly saw him. He was in the us army and can't keep up with my moms constant moving. Well, I'm with him on that one. If I were my dad, I wouldn't visit me either. I made my way back him with a to - go banana split for my mom. One of her favorites. When I got him, she began yelling ts me asking me where I'd gone. I told her yesterday that I was going to explore the town again!! As small as it was, It would take about a month for me to cover all the ground. I was already fustrated with her. She never gave me a chance to explain. She just began yelling and at times, I didn't know why. "What's that." She asked pointing at the bag I was carrying. I took the box out of the bag, opened it, and threw two bananas smothered in vanilla ice cream with two toppings, fudge and peanuts, at my mom. I was sick of her constant yelling when I did nothing wrong.

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