Daddy's Gone Hunting

Brenda Robbins is a girl with a tragic past. She also happens to be a hunter. What will she discover when she runs into the Winchester brothers and Castiel, an angel of the Lord? (16+)


4. The Hunt Begins


May 18, 1995

        Daddy said that we were going after a vengeful spirit that was haunting a nearby house that was back on the market for the fourth time in the past two years. He explained that in 1979 there was a girl who was beaten to death by her father in the basement of the house, her ghost was terrorizing the fathers of all of the families that bought the house, and that it was our job to put her to rest before she could hurt anyone for real. So that night we drove over to the house, and my dad picked the lock. We went inside and he gave me a flashlight, "here Sweetie, and keep you're eyes and ears peeled." We walked further into the house, there was a thin layer of dust covering the floor-- the last family had fled a little over four months ago claiming they heard animal noises in the nighttime, but we knew better. My dad led the way to the basement door off of the kitchen. He turned to me with a finger to his lips, and mouthed "stand back". He then preceded me through the doorway and down the stairs holding his gun at the ready.
         My dad searched the entirety of the dingy basement, but there was no one there. He stopped at an empty shelving unit that was placed in front of what looked like a door. He whispered to me to push one side of the book shelf while he pulled from the other side. Once we got the shelves out of the way my dad once again mouthed for me to stand back, and to keep watch over the stairs. He held his gun pointed at the door in case someone or something jumped out and attacked us. I heard him open the door in one swift movement. When I heard him put his gun back in its holster, I turned around to see what he had found. I looked over to see him squating on the floor of a tiny closet. He seemed to be looking at an old piece of paper. He picked it up and give it to me. He told me to "hold onto this kiddo. We may need it later", and je was right.
         When we got back in the car I looked down at the worn piece of paper he had given to me back in the basement of that creepy house. it turned out to be from the murdered girl's diary. It said, " July 10, 1979:  today I watched Daddy beat my mommy until she bled. It was a nasty sight. I wish there was something I could do to make him stop, but I know that he would just end up beating me instead. Once he left her alone, I snuck into the kitchen to get a wet towel for her. I cleaned up  Mommy because there was blood everywhere. When Daddy came back, he started to yell at me because there was blood all over the carpet. He beat me." I stared at the diary entry in horror. I could not believe that a father could treat his family like that. My dad looked over at me, "you ok Bella ?" he said. I told him I was fine, and he said "let's go get some ice cream". 
        My dad and I ordered two bacon cheeseburgers, a rootbeer for me and a real beer for himself. While we waited for our order to arrive, my dad started explaining more about the case to me. He said that we should go to the library and find out more about this girl, like where she was buried. Our meals were delivered, and we sat and talked like a "normal" dad and daughter would for a few minutes while we ate. He asked me about school, homework, and my friends--or lack there of-- and what I was hoping to get for my birthday in two days. Finally he called the waiter over, and my dad paid for the food and drinks. Then we stood up and walked back out to our red 1965 Chevy Impala, and we made our trip to the Sampson Public Library. 


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