Daddy's Gone Hunting

Brenda Robbins is a girl with a tragic past. She also happens to be a hunter. What will she discover when she runs into the Winchester brothers and Castiel, an angel of the Lord? (16+)


8. Salt and Light

May 18, 1995

        When we arrived at the graveyard the sun had almost completely disappeared beneath the horizon, and darkness was descending quickly. My dad parked the Impala alongside the curb and handed me the same flashlight I had used back at the old house. He reminded me that I was looking for Tracy Downs, and that she had died in 1979. I began searching the rows of gravestones for her name.
        Finally my dad called me over from a few rows away. “Here’s a shovel kiddo. We have to start digging as quickly as possible because we don’t want anyone to catch us, and we want to get home before the sun rises.” So with that, we started digging. Six feet of dirt and two and a half painful hours later Dad’s shovel hit down on something hard. It was the casket of Tracy Downs. He leaned down and dusted off the remaining layer of earth from the top of the coffin. Then he unhooked the latches, and looked up at me. “Are you sure you’re ready for this B? It’s gonna be pretty gross”. I knew that even if I wasn't ready he would still have to get the job done, and he had raised me to always get a job done. I frowned as I looked down at him, and I told him, “It’s ok Daddy. Go ahead.” As he lifted the lid off, there was a rancid smell, like raw meat in the sun. I crinkled my nose, and swallowed back the acid that was rising in my throat.
        As my dad climbed out of the hole he commanded, “Hand me the gas can Brenda”.  I quickly gave him the can full of accelerent that he had taken out of the trunk of the Impala. He poured it all over the tiny remains lying in the casket. It was my job to pour the salt. “Make sure you cover her completely. We don’t want her spirit to escape.” I dumped the salt all over the body. My dad took out the lighter, but right as he was about to light it, the air around us got deathly cold, and I felt like someone was watching us.
        My father and I turned around to see the ghostly form of little Tracy. “Daddy why did you beat me?” she said as she started towards my dad. I remember her running at him screaming, “Why did you beat me Daddy?” over and over again. The ghost collided with my father, sending him hurtling back into the grave with the remains of the girl. In the struggle my father had dropped the lighter on the ground where he had been standing. The little girl was ripping at him, I couldn’t think of what to do. I remember hearing him yelling to me. He instructed me on what to do. “Brenda, light the lighter, and drop it into the hole. Once the remains are burnt, fill in the hole, and run home. When you get home call Uncle Bobby and tell him what happened. I love you baby. Light her up, now!” I began to argue with him because he was still in the hole, and he would be burned alive if I did what he said, but he was being dragged back by the monster, so I lit the lighter up, and I threw it into the hole with my dad still inside.
            All I could hear were the screams of my father and the ghost as they were both charred to death. All I could do was run back to the safety of the car as fast as I could. I got into the car and slammed the door shut. I remember curling up in the back seat and not even crying because I was so shocked by what had just happened. I was completely numb. I had just committed murder at the age of twelve. How was I going to explain this to the police? Where would I stay now? What about my school, friends, and homework? I only had a day until I turned thirteen, and my dad was dying. How could it be that only a few hours ago I had been so excited to be helping my dad with his work?


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