I Choose you | N.H

Niall horan is the high school badboy, he bullys all the nerds but what happens if he meets a girl at the club that he was dared to fake date!

(Yellow for language only)
Cover by: Maggi Styles


3. How Did You Find Me?

Brooklyn's POV

"Bwokkie" said my little brother Andrew

"Yes my little Andrew?" I asked while kneeling down in the grass

"No bwokkie call me king Andwho" he exclaimed

We were playing castle outside like I did when I was younger with a boy, I forgot who but he moved to Holmes chapel so I never saw him again

"Ok king Andrew what do you need?" I asked

"Someone is here for you" he exclaimed

"And who might that be?" I asked my sibling

"He said his name was Kyle" he said

"Let me go take a look at this 'Kyle' guy" I said while going to the front of the house and i saw niall

"Hey!" He shouted

"Hi" I shouted back

So it was niall not some Kyle guy, Jesus my little brother is cute as a button

"Do you wanna go out?" He asked

"Excuse me no! I don't even know you that much and how did you find my house? I yelled at him angrily

He didn't even answer and he just ran, I think the point of his life is for me to fall for him,

Well it won't happen

I've been heart broken before, I won't let it happen again...

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