How to not be popular.

Juliet is a quite young girl who is stuck in a life of loneliness


1. Me.

"In society girls have to dress up to be seen. You know in stilettos, short shorts so high you can see her pockets, and a tight crop top shirt with a meaningless word on it. But if they do wear this they are marked as a SLUT. In my eyes girls are used for one purpose. GUYS ENTERTAINMENT!" I yelled angrily to the crowd of young men and women.

             “Girls are not just used as a guys entertainment! They choose to dress like that!” My older brother, Justin yelled back we were having a “healthy” debate, but everyone knows that when a brother and sister argue World War III is about to begin.

            “BULL! Girls wear those close to be noticed by you….PIGS. Social acceptance in this country is hard cause of the movies guys have such high standards. Perfectly perky big breasts, a big ass, acne free face, and big bouncy volumized curls, but not every girl is like that and that makes us hate ourselves…” I yelled back at him.

             Hi, sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Juliet. Yes, like the girl from Shakespeare’s brilliant story of Romeo and Juliet, my parents were. Correction, are. Die hard readers, that’s probably we're I get it from. I'm just a nobody, no one at my high school knows my name, but I like it that way. I’m the type of girl who sits in her dimly lit room all the time, reading a beautiful novel. 

              I have light brown curly hair with natural streaks of golden blonde, bright blue eyes like the color of the sky, or so I’m told.  I also have big black framed glasses from many nights of reading my favorite book The Fault in our Stars by John Green with only small fraction of light illuminating from my lamp on my bedside table. I don’t wear any makeup, because I think that beauty is always there and makeup is a mask placed upon girls faces and is a fatal flaw in our society. I find comfort in baggy shirts and tight-ish jeans.I don’t like to be too flashy, or to be noticed because then I’ll be bothered while listening to music or reading.
               I may seem like the type of girl who would listen to 1 Direction but that’s not me at all. I prefer to have rockin jam sessions while listening to My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, Hollywood Undead, The Ready Set, or Never Shout Never. The bands tend to calm me down were todays shit that they call music just stresses me out. If I could choose to never leave the comfort of my room I wouldn’t.


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