How to not be popular.

Juliet is a quite young girl who is stuck in a life of loneliness


3. Car ride thereeeeeee

           “Hey, Viv you ready for today?!” I said with a small hint of excitement trailing my voice. Maybe this year would be different (a) cause I actually don’t look that bad (b) I got a great friend to back me up. Vivian looked up at me seemingly amazed by my subtly changed look.
           “Oooo girl, you look damn good today! Don’t take this the wrong way but, why?” I looked at her with a smile on my face and started to reply when out of the door a super loud Justin appeared.
           “Vivian can you bring me to school, I’m gonna miss the bus????!!!” We both rolled our eyes, and looked at him.
           “Get in the back!” she yell as he sprung into the backseat. Ya, he was older than me but only by a little bit. Were both seniors in high school and hate each other a lot…
           Both me and Viv ignored him and went back to our conversation. “Um, my mom wanted me to look good for our first day as seniors and when I refused to change my clothes she did my hair by force.” I giggled to her, hearing Justin “gag” in the back seat at my laugh.
           We pulled up to the school a few minutes later and the idiot jumped out at the entrance refusing to be seen with us. As Vivian pulled further into the parking lot I decided to blare my music and see people’s responses.
                                                      “UNDEAD! (x5)
                                                Better out of the way!
                                      Tomorrow well rise so let’s fight today,
                            You know I don’t give a F*** what you think or say,
                                 Cause well rock this whole place anyway!”
           A trail of popular girls gave me a look of disgust as I laughed. Jena the ‘Queen Bee’ looked at us and twitched her nose. She hated us. I loved it though I actually was thriving off of the little hint of a rebel in me. Today was my day and I wasn't going to take anyones crap.
Viv and I parked the car and I waited as she finished her makeup. “You ready princesses?” I teased.
           “You know it.” she giggled back as we jumped out of her 2015 Dodge Ram Hemi. And started for the front of the school.

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