I'm a grenade

it's a love story about two sick teens


1. my story

     My name is Catalina. It's a pretty unique name, It's a shade of blue. 

     When I was 11 years old I was diagnosed with acute myeloid cancer. This type of cancer forms in your blood cells and when the bad blood cells cross with the healthy blood cells.. yikes. That's when all hell breaks loose. Its never happened but the doctors say it would be terrible and could cause death. 

My mother thinks I'm depressed because I don't leave the house very much and all I do is stay in and read this amazing book called The Fault In Our Stars.

"Mom I'm not depressed!" I said. 

She's depressed. My mom told the doctor. She reads the same book over and over and doesn't leave the house unless she's going to her therapy class.

Mom, I'm fine! I assured. 

Well, we're going to have you take another type or anabiotic to see if it will help separate the two blood cells more. Said my Doctor. 

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