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My thoughts and observation about the process of writing


6. Water - the inner force ~

Water - the inner force II. 


Here I continue to explain why water is essence of "creating" and process of improvement of writing. How to reach to higher level? here are some suggestions. 


2). When we analyze and review writings of others.


That means, in order to develop our writing style and improve it, we need not just to write for ourselves, but to read, review and make critical comments on other writers. (it doesn’t mean we should review writing of classical writers and poets "even that is helpful to make " but mostly to read the texts of other like us. We need to compare ourselves and to take subconsciously or consciously details we like from them. Our style has a process to develop.



3). When we read "classics and modern literature.


We should make a difference between the poets amateurs, or poets, that hobby is writing, and the well-known poets of literature. They have names and stamp of the history of literature. But we don’t. In order to have ,we need to start with self-improvement. In order to do that, just don’t satisfy with your style, but read as much as possible, poems and books, feel and understand differences between style, groups, narrations, ways of writing. This will lead you on the right way finally.


4). When we discuss or take part in literature discussions.


We need to compare always and have active position to the writing. If we have the possibility, its good to take part in literature groups, discussions and sharing. This will make us to see not just our point of view, but also that of others. We need to realize and take our own position on literature issue and defend it. One good exercise is to write an essay about what is for us poetry, B. which is my favorite genre and why C. who are my favorite poets. D. What topics and themes I appreciate most in a poem;


5). When we turn back to our old texts and read them again.


Useful practice for everyone, who wants to improve himself. Often we forget about our old writings, poems. Sometimes we are so concentrated to create new ones, that we don’t consider improving our old texts and reading them again. But this is obligatory. From the distance of time, you couldn’t imagine how many things, mistakes, little details, misleading points, or just dislikes we`ll notice in our previous texts. Take time to read them again carefully, write for yourself a critical review, and observe closely things which you like and which you don’t. This will make you realize how much you are grown as a writer.


6). When we are not afraid to admit and accept our weak points in writing.


Always try to consider and like more a critical comment, which points out your mistakes in any direction (grammar, style, language), than a faltering and nice comment. Don’t be afraid of criticism, as this is the way for improvement. Understand and reveal your weak points of writing for yourself. Try to overcome them, listen to advice of someone, who you trust or like as a writer / poet. It`s very big step forward!




© Zara Leandra 

-- June 014 --


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