Quinn Chase

Quinn Chase is the daughter of Annabeth Chase (from Percy Jackson) and Neville Longbottom (from Harry Potter). She goes to Hogwarts and is very smart. The triwizard tournament comes to Hogwarts they no longer have an age limit. What will happen? Read to find out.


2. To Hogwarts

You might be wondering how me, my sister, my brother, and dad get to Hogwarts. It's easy we get there by Floo Powder. It's time for us to go again we go at evening since we don't have to take a long ride on the Hogwarts express. Today has been chaos like it usually is when we're leaving to Hogwarts last minute packing eating and lots more. I was dragging my trunk downstairs and that's when it happened I had this feeling inside of me that something great will happen this year but also something terrible. I ignored it though which was a big mistake. I put my trunk by the rest of the luggage, then went back upstairs to get my purse and cat, Ginger. When I got back downstairs my dad, and siblings we're ready to go. I grabbed my trunk handle in one hand and my cat and purse in my other. I'm going first I stepped towards the fire. My mom handed me the Floo Powder pot I stuck my hand in and grabbed a handful, I stepped into the fire and threw down my Floo Powder and shouted "Hogwarts, special entrance". We have a special entrance just for us. I appeared by the entrance of Hogwarts and quickly found my balance. My brother came out next, then my sister, then my dad. My dad went inside and me and my siblings waited. We heard the carriages coming so we walked into the Great Hall. I looked up at the ceiling with so many stars and the moon it was beautiful. Me and my sister walked over to the Gryffindor table my brother walked over to the Ravenclaw table and sat with his friends. Me and my sister are twins but look almost nothing alike. We quickly sat down with our friends and began catching up. Finally Headmaster Thomas (Dean Thomas) said it was time for the sorting. The scared looking 1st years walked into the great hall. Professor Patil (Parvati Patil) head of Gryffindor house stepped forward and began calling names, Rya Reeds Slytherin, Danny Baits Hufflepuff, Sara Robins Gryffindor, Bailey Wane Slytherin, Rachel Malfoy Gryffindor (soon another story), Makayla Brooks Ravenclaw, Kaylee Brooks, Ravenclaw, and so on and so forth. The sorting ended and Headmaster Thomas gave his usual announcements the dark forest is forbidden, the list of items banned but something new this year, that the triwizard tournament would be held at Hogwarts this year.

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