(English) Quest - Sword Art Online

Its the year 2022 and the new game Sword Art online is just about to come out, but when Ellie buys the game, she has no idea what she is getting into..


1. Proluge

"I just don't understand that you want to spend so much money on it, Ella" my best friend Olive said.

we stood in the hallway, i had just told her about the new nerve gear that i was planing to buy, Olive had never been a big gamer, so she didn't understand how cool it was.

i just loved MMORPG's so much, so it was like destiny that that would been the first game to come out.

"I wouldn't use my money on anything than games anyway, and they say that Sword Art Online will be just perfect" i said, my eyes was sparkelig with excitement.

"oh, you're just too weird" she said while laughing.

"thats what it's like being friends with a gamer" i sad smiling from ear to ear

"yes, i know" she said " but, you dont have anyone to play with, won't it get lonely?" She said i could see that she was worried

I just shrugged, " i just find someone to play with" i said.

but she was right, i would probably get pretty lonely playing all alone.

And just when i thought that, the schoolbell rang, and we walked to class.

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