Forever: A Breaking Dawn FanFic

FOREVER: A Breaking Dawn FanFic

Bella is about to marry Edward Cullen, but when Jacob Black returns to Forks before she says "I do," Bella realizes she may be marrying the wrong person.

TEAM JACOB! More to come :)


2. Choice

EDWARD HAD NEVER been able to read my mind, but when he saw me glance back, he let my arm go. Maybe that'd been enough to let him know where I wanted to be.

"Go to him, Bella," he said. The burning gold in his eyes paled to a light brown.

Had I heard him correctly?

"What?" I looked up at him.

"I want for you whatever makes you happiest," Edward said, but I heard the sadness in his velvet voice, and it only made this choice that much harder.


"You love him, Bella," he said. "I can see that you do."

"I love you, too."

"I know," he brought my hand to his cold lips and kissed it delicately. "But maybe it's not enough for forever, Bella. You fell in love with Jacob while I was away. Your love him is stronger than your love for me or you wouldn't keep looking back the way you do and wondering "what if."

I was crying now. How could it be this way?

Edward cupped my face and placed a gentle kiss on my forehead. "Shh," he whispered. "Don't cry. You will always be my Bella."

That only made me cry more.

"If only I hadn't left you..."

His leaving me had been the absolute worst. My heart had been so broken, and Jacob was the one who'd helped me through it all.

"This is goodbye, my love. I do not want to deprive you of anything, especially not your life. Had I known you loved him and you were happy, I would have never returned to Forks. I would have kept my promise to you. You would have never seen me again. Be happy, Bella. And don't worry about me. I'll be fine. But I'll check up on you. Alice will let me know how you are. I suspect since the two of you are almost like sisters, you'll stay in contact." He smiled. "You've been such a large part of my life, I do not think that's ever going away. I'll always want you."

My eyes were so clouded with tears I could no longer see him anymore.

He backed slowly away from me.

Before he walked away, he mumbled something so low and faint, yet so recognizable I'd know it anywhere. It was the passage from Wuthering Heights.

After he had said it, he sauntered off, heading back to the wedding that would never be.

And I knew that if that had been Jacob, I would have been chasing after him. But when Edward left this time, I stood there feeling suddenly lighter. He was letting me go. He didn't want me to suffer any more.

As soon as he was gone, I ran. I ran all the way to Jacob and crashed into him and threw my arms around his neck, tears streaming from my face, and kissed him recklessly. Urgently. I was fighting for air in the process. His hands were moving everywhere on me, and he pulled me closer, kissing me harder.

When we finally found the strength to pull away, I saw that Jacob's eyes were glossy.

"See? This is how it's suppose to be, Bella. I could have never given up on this."

"What now?" I asked.

"We're going home."

Where was home? Back at La Push. Back at Charlie's?

It didn't matter. All that mattered was that I was with Jake. He lifted me off my feet and carried me the entire way. While he did, I nuzzled against him and we talked.

"Edward told me that if you ever chose me, he would back off."

He had?

"When? When did he say this?"

"That night in the tent after you had fallen asleep."

Then why had Edward seemed so aggressive earlier?

"I was just waiting for you to make that choice," Jake said. "And I think Edward was, too."

He hadn't wanted to let me go. I knew it hadn't been easy. A part of me would always love him for setting me free. He'd given up his urge to be selfish, and because of that, I was now in the arms of the guy I would love for always.

In Jacob's arms I felt warm, happy, and at peace. How in the world could I have given this up for a second? I knew then that home was wherever Jake was. Jake was my home.

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