Who knows?

May be triggering.


1. Who knows?

~~Who knows?
Maybe one day, the bruises that you left on my skin might fade,
And I will not have to live my life forever afraid.
Maybe one day, the insecurities that you left me with will be gone,
And I will no longer live my life forever alone.
Maybe one day, the degrading words you said to me will leave my brain,
And I will be able to smile yet again.
Maybe one day, I will forget the pain that you made me go through,
And I will realize that nothing you said to me was ever true.
Maybe one day, I will embrace my past
And think "I was never the weakest link."
Maybe one day, I'll smile and laugh and act my age,
And every day will be as easy as turning a page.

But it is not yet so, that day's not today.

So I fall to my knees and cut my skin bone deep,
As I hang my head in shame and silently weep.
And glare at the sky and scream at the angels,
"Why, oh why couldn't we have stayed perfect strangers?"
For I'd still be whole, with my life under control,
Not fallen and broken, with neither spirit nor soul.
You'd be free to break hearts as you wish,
Free to live your life like nothing's amiss.

But that would be too easy, not trying enough,
And who are we to deny the gods their daily laugh?
So we live on in oppression, never raise our voice,
Nothing that we do is ever our choice.
We are free in our sleep and we dream of the day,
When our shackles are broken and we can finally say,
That this world is a nightmare, a prison, a cell,
And every day feels like you're living through hell.
So escape while you can, cut your bonds and be free!

Because that's the one thing I'll never be.

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