When 17 year old Rosie meets the one and only Luke hemmings at a meet and greet, her life will change forever.


3. the meeting

Hey guys another short chappie sorry 😜 I am having a cover photo comp so just put the pic in the comments and I'll choose a winner 😄 the winner also gets a shoutout

It's been a week sine the concert. I have been wanting to call the number like gave me or at least text it but I'm too scared. What do I even say? Anyway I have to go to dance s! I had hip hop today so I put on some trackies and a beanie and went to my studio. We were dancing to partition by Beyoncé today! I loved this song so mch! By the end of class I was really exhausted! I was just about to leave when the teacher wanted to film me doing it. As I was doing it I noticed something in the corner of my eye. Then I heard a lot of screams. The dance finished and I went outside to see what all te commotion was about. The owner of the studio was shouting for everyone I calm down. I pushed my way through the crowd until I finally saw him. Luke. He was here. 'Nice dancing' he sad to me. "Um thanks" I replied nervously. 'You never called me' he said 'I never got the time'. "We'll give me your phone I'll put my number in it and text myself so I have yours" "I'm okay" I replied nervously. He put it in when a black car pulled up. I presumed it was his ride. I then saw a professional looking person which I thought was his manager. He said that like had to go but before he left he winked at me. Okay what just happened?!?!?

I'll update soon I promise 😘

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