When 17 year old Rosie meets the one and only Luke hemmings at a meet and greet, her life will change forever.


6. the confession

Hey everyone I'm writing another chappie 😜

Anna's POV

Luke just texted me! What do I say back! I am so confused! I just sent back a hey. Should I have sent something else? I called Anna to ask what she thought. No answer. That's weird SH usually answers me by the third ring. I tried again. No answer. And again. No answer. I was getting a bit worried now. I'm going to try on more time. I called and she picked up on the first ring "Rosie I can't talk right now I'm at the hospi- I mean I'm at a.... Church?" "On a Friday night? You usually come over on Friday nights because none of us have work" I said. I just do some modelling and of course dance. Anna works where I model as an assistant but she is gorgeous she should be a model. " Anna why are you at the hospital?" I asked her " no reason I'll e at yours in an hours" " ummm okay... But be prepared for Luke problems" I said as I hug up. Why was she at the hospital? Is she okay? Exactly an hour later I heard Anna come through our apartment door. She looked exhausted. " do to ask me questions I don't wanna talk about it! What's your Luke problem?" " well he texted me and I texted back but I don't if I should try with him cuz he's like famous and everything so I think I'm just gonna lay off even bough I REALLY like him" Anna looked quite angry after I said that/ " ROSIE YOU CANT THROW THIS AWAY!! YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY AND YOU CANT THROW IT AWAY! YOU NEVER KNOW WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN! DONT QUESTION ANYTHING JUST GO FOR IT!! IM HERE DYING AND YOU-" "dying?" I asked her "Anna what's going on?" She bean to cry " it started 3 months ago. I was sitting at home on my phone wen i stopped breathing. I didn't know what to do. I called 911 and go taken to the hospital and has a whole bunch of tests. They found out that I have liffo disease (not actual name) it's a disease when your whole body can shut down at any minute. That have been trying treatments but nothing seems to be working. I can drop dead at any minute" by ten we were both crying. " Anna I cant lose you" I said " and I can't lose you but if I die I will always be there for you and I'll still never take this off" she motioned to our matching bracelets that we wnever take off. " just please make the most of your life. For me" she said. I just nodded and engulfed her in a hug. We stayed there for most of the night. I can't lose my friend. I do to know what I would do without her.

Oooo serious chappie there! So will Anna live and be cured? Or die?

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