When 17 year old Rosie meets the one and only Luke hemmings at a meet and greet, her life will change forever.


9. problem

Rosie's POV

I had the first rehearsal for the show today. I don't know which Dance we were doing today but I hope it wasn't 5sos. That would be really awkward. I got dressed in a Lorna Jane outfit and went out the door. I drove to the studio and walked inside " good morning Rosie!" " morning " I say back with a smile. " who's dance are we doing today?" I asked " 5sos but they seem to be running a bit late. Just go wait in the studio and they will be here soon". My heart stopped. This is going to be so awkward. I went into the room and waited anxiously when they suddenly burst through the door. Luke's eyes went to me straight away and stayed there. I awkwardly looked away. " nice of you to join us boys!" The choreographer said " for this performance we are going to just have people in the background and Rosie will be a girl who you boys take interest in and Chloe and Kate will be her friends backing her up etc." she said. I was really scared now. This is going to be so awkward. We got up and started to work. Luke still hasn't stopped looking at me.

Luke's POV

I can stop staring at her. She's just so perfect. Why did I have to send that text! She was an amazing dancer! Better than everyone else! The dance involved a lot of partner stuff. The choreographer was saying how we needed to have good chemistry and that it seemed awkward between us. Well it was! We took a water break. I looked over at Rosie and she was looking at her phone with her hand over her mouth. Then she started crying. She muttered something to the choreographer and burst out the door in a state. I tried to follow her but Ash stopped me " just let her sort it out" he said to me. I didn't want to listen but he was right. I will ask her about it later after I've fixed things with her.

Rosie's POV

My heart was racing . There was only one thing running through my head. I had I get to the hospital. I rushed out of my parking space and raced down the street. I had to get to Anna. She collapsed whilst shopping. I was crossing a street when I saw bright lights. I heard a loud crash then everything went black

Oooo cliffhanger haha

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