When 17 year old Rosie meets the one and only Luke hemmings at a meet and greet, her life will change forever.


4. Luke's POV

Hey so in this chapter I'm going todo Luke's point of view so yeah enjoy 😄 and I'm still doing the cover photo comp!!! Entries in 30 June.

Luke's POV

I can't stop thinking about her. I don't know what happened when I'm around her. I get a sudden boost of confidence and do things I don't usually do. Usually with girls I get all shy but with her it's like I am instantly comfortable with her. She's just so beautiful and we eyes are amazing and not to mention her dancing! She is amazing!!! I was lost in thought when suddenly I felt something hit my head. I looked down and it was a plastic taco. I new who it was before I even looked up. Ashton was there grinning at me. He new something was up. "Who is it" he said. "Ummmm I do to know what you mean" I replied hoping he wouldn't figure this out "I know it's a girl and if you don't tell me bad things will happen whilst u sleep". I knew better than to mess with Ashton so I told him "her names Rosie. I saw her in the crowd at the concert and at the meet and greet and found her down how today at her dance studio ad I just can't get he off my mind!" " oooo was she the hot one with the beanie!" He said " yes and she's mine" I replied " oooooo Lukey has a crush!" "Oh shut up! And do not mention this to anyone!" "Okay okay lover boy!" "ASHTON!" I replied " okay sorry haha" he was not going to give up on this. I have her number. I am going to text her. I texted a " hey it's Luke 😘" and waited anxiously for her response. She has read the text!! But why is she not replying!!!!!

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