the new kid at Mount Richards high!

marcel (harry) is the new kid at mount Richards high, Lena Richards is the principals daughter, but she is not popular if anything she is far from it. when marcel comes to the school, will some things change? or will things get worse?, will Lena and marcel end up as friends or more, will she find out his secret? and will he find out hers?, what happens when he thinks she is one of those girls with a perfect life and family, but what if its the complete opposite to that? | read to find out![one direction are famous in this (; ]


4. chapter 4 - marcel's friends

Lena's P.O.V.

marcel pulls up to a beautiful house, surprisingly its pretty big not a mansion and not a house but sort of in between. we all get out of the car and I then see that there is also 5 other cars in the drive way, okay?

Emma and I walk behind marcel to the huge house, marcel just walks in with us still following him

"guys, im back!" marcel yells, just then I see 3 boys running around the corner with smiles on there faces, they all group hug just as another boy walks out with a girl next to him.

"okay, Lena and Emma, this is Joshua{Louis}" marcel says pointing to a boy with fiery red hair and lots off tattoos, he smiles and waves at us,

"this is chase{Liam}" marcel then says as he points to a boy with blonde curly hair, kind of like 'the harry styles' hair'

" and this is Blake{zayn}" marcel says pointing at this Blake guy who has nice blonde hair.

"and that is Lucas{niall}" he says pointing to a guy with jet black hair, we nod and say hi to them and then Joshua introduces us to his girlfriend who is super pretty.

"this is April(Eleanor), my girlfriend" Joshua says pointing to a girl with blonde hair and green eyes.

"hi nice to meet you" me and Emma both say as she leans in and hugs us.



it been like 4 hours and we have everything organised, and we all decided to have the party tonight instead. and April said we could borrow 1 of her dresses, I had already contacted mum and told her I wasn't going to be home tonight, and she said it was okay, and to message her when im coming home tomorrow. so everyone is getting everything we need and inviting all their friends.


"okay put your dresses on girls everyone will be here in 20 minutes hurry up !" we hear Joshua shouting to us from the kitchen, April yells back an okay and we run upstairs and into here's and Joshua's room.

"okay here are your dresses you chose now get changed" she pushes me into the closet and Emma into the bathroom, I quickly put my dress on and walk out of the closet to see April all ready, ready, how the hell did she do that?, Emma then walks out in one of the most beautiful dresses ever. we sit down and April does our makeup and hair. we all put our heels on and make last second adjustments.







April, had done all our hair, in loose curls and it looks great. we hear music from downstairs and know the party has started.









you all know what the boys look like, and well for Eleanor just imagine her hair straight, longer and BLONDE :)





hope you like this chapter please like, comment and fav and I will update soon promise :)

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