Loving Julliet

Ben loves julliet, but when she is having an affair with Goodwin what does he do? How can he show her the affection and love he wants to give her?

LOST Fanfic (this is assuming that the plane crash never actually took place.)


5. Tea and Cheese and Other things

I figured it should be me who told Julliet, so I left before the others could. I wanted to be there to comfort her when she needed it. Whilst I was walking back through the jungle I heard a rustling going on. I lifted my gun up and circled around looking for danger, that was when I saw Alex burst forth out of the trees. 'Dad?' She looked confused, well who wouldn't? 'Hi, Alex. What are you doing in the jungle?' She looked at me for a few seconds before answering. 'I heard the explosion. Then saw Karl run off with Richard. I wanted to know what was going on.' I walked over to her and put my arm around her. She liked Goodwin, he had been kind to her as a child. That didn't change my opinion of him though. 'There was an explosion, one of the gas bottles leaked and exploded, Richard and me set up a team to go investigate. It's all safe now. But.. Goodwin, he was working right next to the canister, he... Didn't make it.' She buried her face into my shoulder. I adjusted my position so that I could hug her tightly into my chest. I loved this girl more than anything in the world, my beautiful daughter. I hated seeing her upset but she had to know. Hopefully Juliet would be able to console in me the same way.

'Karl will be on his way down soon, why don't you go home and make yourself something to eat.' She nodded. Her tears were staining her cheeks as she lifted her head. There was enough pain coming to her. Especially with what was happening with me. I had already told Alex and it hurt her a lot. I just hoped that Karl would be able to look after her if things didn't work out. Even if she was sixteen she was still my little girl.

She ventured off back down the route she had come. I made my way in a direct beeline to Juliet's house. After knocking on the door only once there as a loud bang as the door was slammed open. Alarmed by the sight of me Julliet stood back saying 'oh, Ben. I thought it was Goodwin. Sorry, please come in.' I gave her a little smile as I stepped inside. 'Please, sit.' I sat down over on one of the couches as she came in. 'Is everything all right? What happen?' I began to describe how one of the canisters near where Goodwin was working had blown up. Tears began to well up in her eyes. I had to force myself to tell her that he hadn't made it. She burst into tears. 'Im sorry, I'm very sorry. I can leave now if you want.' I stood up and went it leave but she blocked me. 'No please. Don't leave.' Grief stricken she embraced me. I laid her head on my shoulder and hugged her back. I stroked her hair and tried to sooth her, tried to calm her down. I felt a wetness on my shoulder as the tears began to seep through. 'There, there, it's ok, it's gonna be ok.' I gently rocked her back and forth. She then collapsed into the chair. I let her sit there as I went and made her a cup of tea. She accepted the mug with a smile but I could see her dying on the inside. 'Im sorry Julliet, I know how much he meant to you.' She wiped her eyes and smiled at me. 'Thank you Ben.' I then got up to leave her to mourn in peace. I think she appreciated it.

The smell of melted cheese wafted through the front door, Alex was making her favourite. Cheese on toast. 'Im home Alex. Is Karl back yet?' I found him to be on the couch making out with Alex. I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of water. They still hadn't noticed me. I then proceeded to tip the cup of water over Karls head. 'I would much appreciate you not feeling my daughters torso, especially not in my living room.' Karl immediately stood up and apologised 'Sorry Mr Linus, it won't happen again Mr linus.' He went to take leave and I called after him 'Karl, if you are going to sleep with my daughter, I insist you call me Ben.' I then turned to Alex who was sat shell shocked on the couch. 'I think your cheese on toast is burning..'

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