Loving Julliet

Ben loves julliet, but when she is having an affair with Goodwin what does he do? How can he show her the affection and love he wants to give her?

LOST Fanfic (this is assuming that the plane crash never actually took place.)


3. Takes one to know one.

I was on my way to tell her, I figured she had the right to know. I mean, I know we weren't together or anything yet but I wanted her to know what was going on with me, I wanted her to know that I trusted her. As I approached the house I straightened out my jacket and knocked on the door. There was a moment of silence and I knocked again, hoping to gain some attention. After the third knock a voice from inside said 'who is it?' The voice did not belong to that of Julliet. 'Its Ben. I wanted to talk with Julliet about something.' There was a pause. Goodwin was obviously trying to find an excuse of his appearance at her house. 'Um she isn't in right now I'm afraid, sorry I was just cleaning her house for her, she asked if I would.' Sure, cleaning her house... I bet you were, not sleeping with her. I bet she is actually inside the house with him this second. 'Well would you mind if I came in? I could help you out..' The silence was even longer this time as he tried to conjure up an excuse for this one. 'Uhhh, actually I was just about to leave, got to get back to work now actually. I uh didn't realise the time. I was going to stop and clean then go to the Tempest station.' There was then a sliding of the lock on the door as Goodwin stepped out. Shutting the door quickly behind him and then locking it. His clothes looked as though they had been put on hastily. His collar half up, half down. 'Sorry I couldn't help you Ben.' 'Its fine, do you know when she will be back?' I tried to put a smile on my face when I knew he was messing with her. 'Some time tonight I think.' 'Thankyou.'

I briskly walked off back to my house so that Goodwin would think I was going home. As soon as he was out of sight I went around the back and found myself at his own home. I knocked on the door and was immediately let in by his wife Harper. I hadn't paid a visit to her for ages, I was in need of a little counselling.

'Good morning Harper, how are you?' Her face was solemn as she handed me a cup of herbal tea. 'On top of the world.' She replied although her face told differently. I could tell she knew all about her husband and Julliet. 'So' she said 'what brings you here today?' 'Actually Harper, I want to ask you how you are. Do not lie to me, indeed I can tell that you are not on top of the world, you are in fact far from on it. Would you care to tell me what is wrong?' Her hand shakily placed down her delicate china mug. I could see the emotions in her face, contorting between anger, upset, betrayal. I knew how it felt. I knew it because I felt it to. 'Its, Goodwin, isn't it?' I tried to be as gentle as I could. She needed someone she could talk to, being the only councillor on the island. She shook her head, it looked like she was about to begin sobbing. Then I did not expect what was coming next. 'Im sorry Ben, I did it, and I'm sorry.' For once my face displayed confusion. 'Did what? What did you do?'

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