Loving Julliet

Ben loves julliet, but when she is having an affair with Goodwin what does he do? How can he show her the affection and love he wants to give her?

LOST Fanfic (this is assuming that the plane crash never actually took place.)


10. Russians and guns = dinner date

We had to deactivate the fence before we left the safety of home. It shut down and then deactivated once we stepped outside. "Is it safe?" She asked, slightly nervous. "Yes don't worry, I've done this hundreds of times."

(Flashback) ~ I reached out to go out past the gate. My mother yelled to me "don't. You aren't ready yet." Standing on the other side of the fence she looked the same as she did on the photographs, I believe she was wearing the same thing as she was the day she died, the day I was born, or so my father told me. "You still have to grow up first" then she wondered back into the jungle..~

I paused for a moment before continuing. She followed close behind me, I was walking with a cane and couldn't hold a gun, i had entrusted her with it. I highly doubted she would shoot me. As we walking along the jungle, Julliet stopped. "Ben, there is a teddy bear over here and it's.." "Don't touch it!" But of course, as always it was too late. I went to push her out the way of a possible impending knife but a net came from under us and we were suspended in the tree. It was another one of Danielle's nets. That women was crazy. Crashing here sixteen years ago with her scientific crew she went insane and believed they were all sick so shot them all. It's a good job I got Alex (her baby) away from her when I did, otherwise she would have been killed too. "Um, Ben. What are we going to do?" Juliet sounded a bit panicked, I wanted to let us down but I was quite enjoying the fact that we were pressed up against each other. "Wait there, I have a pen knife in my pocket." I tried to nudge it out but only succeeded in dropping it onto the floor. "Can you reach it?" She stretched her long elegent arm across my body and through the net. I tried to swing it a bit so that she could get a better grasp on it. "There, got it." She gave it back to me and I cut a small hole in the side of the net, enough for a body to fit through. "You climb out first, that way you won't drop to the ground." She did as I asked and I followed slowly after her, landing with a thud on the ground. "Ben are you ok?" Brushing my hands on my trousers I replied with a puff "yes, yes I'm fine don't worry." After we straightened out I continued to head towards our destination.

It wasn't long before we reached the clearing. There was a large farm patch before us and I knew after stepping on it there was a good chance of being shot. Just before reaching it I yelled out "Mikhail, it's Ben, I'm with Dr Burke, don't shoot us." As we approached i put my hands in the air, hopefully he would see us if he didn't hear us. Once we had reached the front door Mikhail opened the door and smiled, the grin just reaching his eye patch. "Welcome! Ben! Long time no see." He gestured us inside and brought both of us a cup of tea. Juliet sipped it delicately and tentatively placed the cup back in its saucer. "So, Ben" said Mikhail. "What brings you here?" "I need you, to show me Juliet's sister, on screen please." Mikhail moved his chair and swivelled it on its wheels in front of a large wall covered in computer screens. A bunch in the centre began to flicker and then displayed a picture. It was Rachel, cured from cancer and with her child that she was able to give birth to, thanks to Juliet. She pressed up against the screen and began to sob. I signalled to Mikhail to stop and abruptly he turned the screen off. She crashed onto the counter top and weeped into the desk. I moved over to her and gave her my arm. She took it and again cried into my shoulder. I hated to see her upset but i enjoyed her relying on my, trusting in me. She looked into my eyes before whispering "im sorry" then descended again into tears. "Come on, lets get you home."

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