Loving Julliet

Ben loves julliet, but when she is having an affair with Goodwin what does he do? How can he show her the affection and love he wants to give her?

LOST Fanfic (this is assuming that the plane crash never actually took place.)


7. Over the moon

Day of the surgery, I was sat on the table when she walked in, beautiful as always. My legs stopped swinging as soon as she walked in, I didn't want her to see me so nervous. I can't deny that I was scared - at least a little. I mean come on, there is a small chance the Ethan is going to get this tumour off and if he doesn't in going to die.. It was slightly nerve wracking.

She sat down on the table next to me, placing her hand over my own. I almost shuddered.. I couldn't believe she actually touched me, as in touched me of her own free will! I think she noticed my shudder as she quickly lifted it up again "um, I'm sorry I didn't mean to." I panicked and quickly replied "no, I'm sorry, no of course I don't mind, please." Then looked at my feet again for fear of giving emotions away. After a few more minutes of silence Ethan walked in. "Shall we get started then?" I was laid face first on the table and strapped down, then injected with an anaesthetic. I began to panic a little and muttered before I passed out "Julliet..." Then everything went black.

I awoke to find myself alone, except for the machine that was monitoring my heart rate, beep-beep it went, slightly comforting - I could at least tell I was alive. I quickly fell back asleep again - I felt so very tired.

The next time I woke I heard voices. "Well done Julliet. You did a good job helping me there." Ethan was there, I'm guessing it went well. "Is he going to be ok? Is he going to live?" I could hear genuine concern and fright in her voice, she actually cared if I lived or died! "Yes, the tumour has been removed, he is going to be fine - absolutely fine." I breathed a sigh of relief. Just then I felt a slight pain and moaned which drew their attention. "Ben?" Juliet's face appeared next to mine by the hole in the bed. "Hi" was about all I could muster. She let out a small laugh. "How are you feeling." At that point in time I could say I was over the moon after what I just heard but I was guessing she was asking from a medical point of view. "Not bad, not bad at all." She started laughing. I wanted to laugh to but it caused me to wince in pain. "The operation went well, you are going to be fine. You'll just have to rest up for a couple days. Then maybe have to use a wheel chair for a bit to get back to using your legs due to damage on your spine. After that you will be as right as rain." My face grew into an even bigger smile as she told me this. I couldn't believe that everything was ok! I think I almost stated crying. Then I felt a tingling sensation as her hand graced my forehead and stroked my face. "Get some rest.." She then got up and left and the lights went out...

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