Loving Julliet

Ben loves julliet, but when she is having an affair with Goodwin what does he do? How can he show her the affection and love he wants to give her?

LOST Fanfic (this is assuming that the plane crash never actually took place.)


4. Chemicals Burn...

That's when I heard the explosion. 'One tank, I only rigged one tank. I made sure it wouldn't effect the others. All the gas will have been absorbed by the fire. It will only hurt him. Not anyone else. Only him.' The magnitude of what she had done just dawned on me. She has rigged the gas tanks where Goodwin worked. She had blew them up, blowing Goodwin up with them. 'Harper, you know the protocol, you do know what will happen to you for this.' She nodded. 'I know.' 'Your only chance is to leave now. I know why you did it, that doesn't make it right. But I don't want you to get hurt. There shouldn't be more blood spilt over this. She grabbed a bag she had prepared earlier and then kissed my cheek as she walked past. Even though we hadn't talked about it we had been through the same pain. She whispered in my ear, 'thanks for understanding.' With that she left.

I got up and ran outside to find Julliet amongst the crowd. She ran up to me asking what was wrong. I said I didn't know. Technically I didn't, technically I had never heard a word of what Harper had said to me.

A group of us headed up to the Tempest station. This facility had once been dedicated to Bio-chemical research and still did that. But now the job also entailed making sure no poisonous gas leaked out. Goodwin had worked there for years, he knew the dangers, he had suffered the burns. Heck I even knew about the time when Julliet treated him for one of the chemical burns. That's when it all started. There wasn't much on this island that I didn't know about.

Richard led the way in, he was an expert with missions like this, he had been one of the outlaws back when the dharma initiative owned this place. Way back when I was a kid. The Dharma initiative was a research compound for new scientists and free thinkers. Some of it's main research components included: meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, electromagnetism and some others... Horus (who worked for Dharma) offered my dad a job here. He had been a great friend to us since the day I was born. So we came to the island. Further events caused the Dharma initiative to.. Cease to commence...

After walking around long enough to realise that we didn't need the gas masks we found an arm on the floor. The arm was barely an arm though. The skin had become blistered, red as blood with bubbles festering under the first layer, threatening to burst and spew orange pus. After walking a bit further we found the rest of Goodwins body. It was covered and blistered the same as the arm. A pool of blood lay around where his arm had once been. I knelt next to him to see if he was breathing when I felt something grip onto my shoulder. He was still alive. I whispered his name. There was no response. Then his hand slipped off of my shoulder onto the floor, he wouldn't make it, the hospital was an hours walk away. I then noticed him frantically writing out onto the floor. Harper did it. With that I watched his eyes roll into the back into his head as he died. I don't know how he knew, but he did. And that put Harper in a lot of danger.

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