In Love With the Enemy

Draco turned to me.
"Listen, I got to tell you something, I've loved you since I saw you." He said.
My heart melt as I looked into the eyes of a clearly misunderstood teenage boy. I knew he had been dying to tell me this, because he was super pale. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. I backed away and grabbed his hand firmly.
"I love you."He said.
I am Kate Tucker, and I am in love with the enemy.


10. Hospital Wing

When I was put into the hospital wing, Madame Pomfrey was stressed out. Apparently when I fell, the reason I started bleeding was that I fell directly on some sharp stones. Madame Pomfrey wrapped bandages around the wound and let me lay down and rest. As I shut my eyes, I heard the door burst open.

"Kate! Where is she?" I heard a voice say.

"Draco?" I asked weakly, my throat still scratchy.

Draco ran over to my side.

"Kate, are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I can't play Quidditch. At least only for the first game." I answered.

"All that effort for nothing." He laughed.

"I know. Can you still take me to the game?" I asked.

"I know I told you I would focus more about myself, but you're hurt so that doesn't matter. Of course I will." He said. He knelt down and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks." I said, starting to feel drowsy. Madame Pomfrey came and told Draco to let me rest. He left and I got some sleep.


The next morning, Draco returned.

"Attentive, I see." I said laughing..

"Yes, well, my love is injured." Draco said back.

"Madame Pomfrey says I may be able to walk today. She's getting equipment." I told him. Just then, Madame Pomfrey walked in.

"I got these. They're called crutches and they're used in the muggle world. You put them under your arm, like this, and they act like your legs." She showed me.

"But first I must change the bandages." She said. She changed them exposing the huge gash on my leg. Draco cringed and looked away. Madame Pomfrey put a new one on and helped me up. She handed me the crutches and showed me how to use them again.

"Do you two have the same schedule?" She asked.

"Yeah. Why?" Draco asked.

"She can't use those on stairs. You will have to carry her." She responded. We nodded and left. I knew this was going to get tiring quick. Me and Draco had to go to Potions again. I begun walking on the crutches in the corridors. Everyone turned an looked at my leg.

We got to the stairs that we needed to go down, and Draco did his job. He picked me up and carried me down the stairs. Even when we got down, he still didn't put me down. I almost fell asleep. Draco put me down and we walked into potions.

"Ah, Miss. Tucker, may I speak to you?" Slughorn asked.

"Yes, of course, sir." I said, walking, or more like wobbling, over to him.

"Kate, you're one of my best students, and I don't know why I didn't make you part of the Slug Club. So, I am inviting you to my Christmas party. Bring whoever you'd like." Said Slughorn.

"Thank you. I will surely be there!" I said happily. After the class, Hermione ran up to me.

"Kate, use this on your leg. Trust me!" She said, giving me a bottle. I uncapped it and dripped it onto my leg. It instantly closed the wound, and I could walk.

"Thank you!" I said, hugging her. I walked back over to Draco.

"So, Slughorn has his Christmas party, and I can bring a date. Want to?" I asked.

"I would love too, but I'm busy tomorrow." He said, sounding nervous.

"What's going on?" I asked again.

He points to his forearm and looks at me deeply. I mouthed the words 'death eater stuff' and he nodded.

"Ok, that's fine." I said, fake smiling.

"I have to go now, Kate. Sorry." He said, getting up and leaving. I knew someone else to ask, so I went to find him.

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