In Love With the Enemy

Draco turned to me.
"Listen, I got to tell you something, I've loved you since I saw you." He said.
My heart melt as I looked into the eyes of a clearly misunderstood teenage boy. I knew he had been dying to tell me this, because he was super pale. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. I backed away and grabbed his hand firmly.
"I love you."He said.
I am Kate Tucker, and I am in love with the enemy.


5. Hogsmeade

The morning after that in incident, I decided to go to the Three Broomsticks for a butterbeer. I couldn't find Draco so I went alone. I got my drink and sat there, sighing, waiting for some excitement. As if on cue, Draco burst through the door and called for me.

"Kate! Come here quick!" He yelled. Everyone stared, but then again, everyone knew about our relationship, so nobody would wonder why the heck a Slytherin would be asking for a Gryffindor.

"Coming." I said and got up. Finally a had a chance to talk to him. I ran outside behind him.

"Listen, I have to tell you something that's, you know, really important." He said quietly.

"Me too, but I think we should go somewhere else. No eavesdroppers. How about over there by that tree?" I also whispered. We walked over there and sat down.

"Ok let me tell you something I only trust you with, Kate. It's really-" He started, but I interrupted him.

"Wait. Let me show you something." I said. I pulled up his sleeve, revealing the dark mark on his forearm. He started crying.

"He chose me. I don't want to be one." Draco said, sobbing.

"It's ok. I need you. You don't have to be bad. You're Draco. My Draco." I leaned in and kissed him.

"He ordered me to kill Dumbledore." Draco said plainly.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Voldemort." He responded, trying not to cry. But it was too much. For both of us. We both had tears flowing down our cheeks and sad eyes. His hand reached up and stroked my hair. I smiled slightly. Why him? Kill Dumbledore?! Draco would never be able to bring himself to do this. I laid down in his lap and smiled. He grabbed me by the waist and my arms slithered around his neck. Death Eater or not, I couldn't live without him.

"We have potions in 10 minutes." Draco said randomly.

"Blimey! I forgot! Let's go!" I exclaimed. We both laughed and ran to potions.

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