In Love With the Enemy

Draco turned to me.
"Listen, I got to tell you something, I've loved you since I saw you." He said.
My heart melt as I looked into the eyes of a clearly misunderstood teenage boy. I knew he had been dying to tell me this, because he was super pale. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. I backed away and grabbed his hand firmly.
"I love you."He said.
I am Kate Tucker, and I am in love with the enemy.


16. Grenade

The afternoon after I stormed out, I felt terrible for what I did. I glided through the hallways, almost in a trance. My eyes were closed and I crashed into someone that was dashing around the school.


I looked up and saw Draco standing there, looking down on me. He stretched his hand out and pulled me up from the ground.

"Thanks." I mutter. He doesn't let go of my hand. In fact, his grip is now tighter. His fingers close around mine and don't let go.

"Let go." I glare. He drops my hand, stating at me. My eyes are narrowed like a hawk.

"I'm sorry. If you're through with me, that's fine." He slowly walked away, shoulders down.

I stormed up the the dormitory and screamed. Nobody was there, so I cried miserably. My makeup was running and my hands were shaking. My eyes trailed to the picture of us on the dresser. I pick it up, and a tear drips onto it. Internal instincts kick in, and I throw the picture against the wall. It shatters into pieces.


It fixes itself and floats onto the dresser. I need sleep, to be alone. I need to fix myself.

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