How To Get A Boy To Like You Manual Guide

So if you read the story How To Get A Boy To Like You, you'd understand what this is about especially for girls. For me I'm a girl and I REALLY did get a boy to like me. Not by force, not by meanness, not by harassment, but by kinder ways. Read this and you'll FINALLY get your true love to love you back. ��


2. Let's Freakin Get Started

Now that you know my story, now this is how you get your boy:

First you get started by asking your ONE AN ONLY trustworthy friend. Tell you're friend to tell your crush that you like him. If he freaks out or tells his friends it's okay because that's normal. If he's still freakin out tell him that it's normal to be liked and that he should be happy to be liked. If he's already okay start talking to him and let him know more about you. Hang out EVERY DAY. It helps. Soon if he's great with you and instead of you going to him he goes to you, and that he starts the conversation first instead of you, ask him if he wants to be friends and I bet he'll say yes. Then get his phone number if you guys are totally friends and you start texting gurl! Then if you guys are the BEST friends every (you'll know) ask him on text or face to face if he likes you. If he says yes start dating him I guess, well, if you want. Or start holding hands. If he says no then good job at least. You tried. Just remain friends and still text and ask him again when you know it's the perfect time.

The key to getting a boy to like you is to BE YOURSELF.

Don't be your friend Bob or Paul or Bianca or Lauren,

just BE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!

Okay!!! I hope this worked on you and if it works tell me on the comments below and tell me any advice to put on here. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!!!!

You'll need it!

Ps: don't be shy or nervous or run away or he'll think you're crazy and he won't like you. You need to communicate.

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