17 year old Ally Jane is just like every other teenager. She has friends and celebrity crushes and even sneaks out of the house (not very often though) the only thing that separates her and every other teenager is her dislike for one of the biggest boy bands in the country.

One direction.

What will happen when her best friend has won tickets to tour with them and has invited her to come?

What if she stays longer?

What will happen if she falls for one of the members?
What if two of the members fall for her?

Will she maybe learn to love the band and it's music? Maybe?


3. "well that was rude"

Today is the day.

I hop out of bed at walk into my bathroom. Sliding my clothes off I then jump into the shower. I turn on the warm water that I so desperately wanted to wake me up.

When I am done I get out of the shower grab my glasses because I practically blind with out them and head back to my room to put on a t-shirt and some pj shorts.

When I walk back Into my bathroom and I turn on the music and plug my flat iron in. Next I set my glasses on the table and grab my contacts and gently slip them on. I've got to remember to pack my glasses because I've dropped way to many contacts down the drain over the pass year.

By the time the iron is done heating up I've already finished blow drying my hair. I look into the mirror at the mess of frizziness before I add product in and begin the straightening process.

When I finish My hair I decide to do my makeup I do my favorite look when I am out in town. I look into the mirror and exam my long straight blonde hair and my light blue eyes. When I see myself it reminds me of my mother..I quickly grab the ring off the counter and slide it on as memories flood my brain.

I run back Into my room and but my glasses Into my already packed bag.

I then go to decide my outfit of the day! I end up in a crop top with some high wasted frayed shorts and my good ole toms. I add in sunglasses, 2 neckless, and my favorite earrings.

I walk out of my room with my bag in hand, my purse on my should, and my suitcase beside me. I am ready.

I tell myself.

I am about to approach the door when I stop in my tracks and turn around.

"Leaving without saying good bye to your old man?" Me dad ask.

His shaggy brown hair falls into his face with his dirty shirt and gloves. I could tell He has been working in the garden, my mothers garden.

My face lights up as I embrace my dad.

"I thought you already left for work?" I ask him when we pull away from the hug.

"And miss saying goodbye to my daughter before she leaves me for a bunch of...boy?! I took a day off work."

He says the word boy as if it's the last thing he wanted to say on the earth.

"Dad I am coming back.." I say rolling my eyes playfully.

"I know. I know. It's just your my little girl you know." I can tell his eyes are starting to get a little wet.

"And remember my rules ally." He says to me as I grip my bag agin.

"I know. No kissing. Not touching. And if anyone ask-" I start counting on my finger for each rule.

"Yes, yes but also I want you to have fun." He kisses me on the cheek.


"Okay." I say assuring him.

I grab my bag and purse and roll the suitcase down the hall way. When I get to the door I turn back and see my dad waving. I smile and wave back as I close the door behind me.


Me and Casey finally arrive at the airport as a tall man in a black suit holding a sign approaches up.

"Miss Casey. Miss Alexis?" He nods his head.

"I go by ally please." I say and the man smiles sweetly.

"Follow me. The boys have had your limousine set up for you to meet them at the privet location." He says as we both walk outside to meet him by the luxurious car waiting on us.

"I thought we were meeting the boys here to take a plane to London?" Casey ask.

"Well there would be way to much chaos with all the boys showing up her to take a public plane. So instead you will be flying with them on their privet jet." He announces from the drivers seat.

As we step into the car I could see Casey's face light up. This car...was just amazing. There where lights everywhere and the seat..was like a couch of black leather.

There was drinks and drink holders. I felt like I was worth 1 million bucks just seating in this car. Then I remembered one direction IS 1 million bucks.

Casey groans.

"How much longer?"


We pull into the runway of the "secret location" and are escorted out of the vehicle. I start to go to the trunk to grab my bag but the drive, who we found out his name is author, grabbed all the bags. I nod my head to thank him as he just smiles back.

"I. Can't. BELIEVE. This is happening." Casey says and fans her self as the jet doors open.

"Yeah. Me to" I mumble rolling my eyes.

2 boys come out one blonde and the other brunette. I think their name was na-

"Omg. You NIALL and LIAM!" Casey shouts before I could finish my thought.

"Yes we are." Says the brunette called Liam.

"The other boys are inside. Come on in. We take off soon." Niall says in an Irish accent.

I turn my attention to him and our eyes lock. Both staring with out saying a word. I knew one direction was cute in the eyes of every thirteen year old but up close they were even more hotter.

I brake eye contact when Casey pushes pass me and runs up the stairs and into the jet within one second.

I roll my eye and laugh at my boy dazed friend. I head into the jet next stoping at the door.

"Hi-uh..I am. I mean. My name is-"

Says the blonde boy.

"Niall?" I answer for him with a small giggle.

"Yeah." He scratches behind his head.

"At first I thought you didn't even know who we where because your definitely not like any other fan that's won something like this. Well not like her." He points the Casey.

"It's because I am not a fan." I say so quiet that only I could hear it.

I finally walk in the jet and take a sit. Niall grabs the seat next to me and turns his head to flash a smile. I smile back. I really hope my cheeks aren't as read as I feel.

"Hi I am Liam." Liam shakes me and Casey's hand and sits back down.

"I am zayn." The cute boy stands up and ends up giving us a hug which Casey ends up taking my hug for herself. I just laugh.

"I am Louis!" He stands up and gives us both a high five. That guy seems fun I think to myself.

The blonde boy coughs beside me and and announces his name is Niall.

The room is silent for a second.

"Wait there's five of us...." Says..the guy I think is named Louis.

"Harry darling get your noes off of your phone and be a gentlemen!" Yep that's Louis.

The curly head Burnett looks up for once. I didn't even notice he was there at first. He has green eyes. I am dazed by his features. He is just perfect. No wonder each teenager girl is drawn into this boy. These boys I should say.

He looks from Casey to me. He keeps his eyes narrowed on me and doesn't move them till he finishes speaking.

"I'm harry." He says boringly as if he were in school still, before he puts his attention back into his phone.

"Harry..."zayn mumbles.

"His been having 'girlfriend' issues lately." Niall says using air quotes.

As the plane lifts off some of the boys scatter doing different things. Louis watching tv. And zayn and Casey into conversation. I smile slightly. I stand up and go sit by Harry.

"Uh hi. I got to meet all the boys earlier including that one..uh the Burnett..." I snap my fingers.

"Liam! Yeah Liam." Hopefully I can remember their names by the first month and get to stop calling them by their hair color.

His attention is still on the phone so I frown a little.

"Um he said you were going through relationship problems and I thin-" before I can even finish he just stands up and walks out of the room and into the back room as if I didn't even approach him at all. Well. That was rude.

I stare until Niall sits beside me and hands me a glass.

"I don't drink." I say and try to hand it back nicely.

"It's just apple juice." He chuckles.

I smile back and drink from it.

"Aren't you a little old to drink apple juice?" I question.

"Aren't you?" He says as I nod my head in agreement.

"What's up with that one?" I point to harry who is alone in the back STILL on his iPhone.

"Eh. His been very unsocial lately. Well other then on his twitter." He laughs.

"Ally right?" Niall ask.

I nod.

"I like that name. I am glad you were chosen and not some 12 year girl who only wants to post pictures on Instagram with us." He laughs.

"Me too." I say smiling.

"But no promises on that Instagram thing. I have quite a thing for selfies with celebrity's." I smile teasing him.

"You have an Instagram? Give me your username I am going to follow you."

I bite my lip for a while then give in and tell him.

"Its @allyisme." I say as he types it in and I go to my profile to see a notification saying

'Niallhoran is now following you'

I look up at him and smile.

"Hey want to freak some internet fans out?" He ask.


He takes his phone and takes a selfie of me and him. He said something really funny before so in the picture I am laughing. After he post it I complain that I wasn't ready although he argues that I look perfect which of course makes me blush.

After seconds I've gained about 1000 followers along with like and comments asking,

"Are you Nialls girlfriend?"

"Your so pretty!"

"Tell Niall I say hi!!"

I laugh as we continues to take silly photos to post and talk for the rest of the ride.

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