Once a Dream now its Reality

What happens when Maddie 14 and her best friend Cayce 14 meet there favorite boy band 5seconds of summer


7. chapter 5

Sitting on that couch backstage talking to Luke ,Ashton, Michael, and Calum was something I dreamed that would happen but now it's sitting actually talking to them was unreal.

After about an hour of talking to them we had to go to our seats and they had to go get ready for the concert. As we we're making our way to our seats we spot the schools slut Kendra wearing nothing but a bikini top and high waisted shorts. When she saw us she came over to "be nice" to us.

"Omg look who it is the losers of Arlington what are y'all doing here" Kendra asked. "Oh we're here to see the concert and not look like a slut to impress people" I said

When we finally got to our seat the opening act the vamps came on we were dancing and sing to all the songs. Conner even looked at me and winked at me.

Finally 5seconds of summer finally came on and Cayce and I were screaming our lungs out. We didn't care that if we screamed too loud we would loose our voices.

When she looks so perfect came on Calum and Luke looked at us but we didn't notice till Ashton said look up and we saw.

@ 11:45 the concert ended and it was time to leave I came up with the plan that if you let every body out first you wouldn't have to wait in line to leave. After about 30 minutes of waiting we left the arena. "Hey wait up" we heard someone yell we looked over and saw they boy come over.

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