Once a Dream now its Reality

What happens when Maddie 14 and her best friend Cayce 14 meet there favorite boy band 5seconds of summer


5. chapter 4

We got backstage and I could hear them messing with each other. I looked at Cayce with my scared/nervous eyes and walked in the the body gard. I heard Luke and Calums voice as they go to closer and looked over at Cayce. When the voices came to a stop I saw Luke and Calum standing there in there matching stripped shirts. "Um hi" Luke's husky voice said as he caused me almost faint. Cayce was frozen in shock and Calum came to give her a hug. I was in shock too that I Maddie was backstage looking at my fav guy from the group. As Cayce and I were in a corner talking the whole band came over to talk to us. We sat on a couch blushing as they were asking us questions about us.

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