Once a Dream now its Reality

What happens when Maddie 14 and her best friend Cayce 14 meet there favorite boy band 5seconds of summer


4. chapter 3

••••3 weeks later••••

It's the day of the concert and Cayce and I are freaking out like omfg it's tonight. After school Cayce came over so we could change into our out fit we made. "I hope Luke likes my out fit " I said " well I hope Calum likes mine too" said Cayce. In my head I was wondering what we might say or do when we meet them cause honestly I was nervous. After we got ready we got in the car and my mom drove us to the fedex forum . When we arrived I was freaking out like I could faint any minute now. Cayce was squeezing my arm cause she was nervous. After we walked in we showed our pass and the guy lead us backstage I was litterly about to pass out

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