You Belong To Me, I Believe {Frerard}

Gerard is a lonely boy with no family, and no friends. So what's a lonely boy to do? He buys himself a friend. That friend is Frank. Will the two grow a friendship, or even something more? Or will Gerard be too afraid to let anyone in?


1. Prologue


“Where the hell am I?" I mumble to myself. I'm standing in a room that's completely and utterly black. Not a single light. I can't remember how I got here, or even where “here" is.

A single overhead light clicks on. I let out a gasp. And not just because of the sudden change in lighting. I gasped because I realized I wasn't alone in here. Standing only a few feet away from me is my baby brother, Mikey. I smiled. I hadn't seen Mikey in ages. Boy, I'd missed him!

“Mikey!" I called to him. “I'm so happy to see you!"

Mikey's eyes shift over to me. He frowns. “Happy?" He asks. “How can you be happy to see me? I left you!"

I furrow my brows. He wasn't lying. He had left. I opened my mouth, I was going to tell him that that had happened in the past. That I forgave him. That he was here now, and that's all that mattered. But then Mikey continued.

“That's right, Gerard. I left you. And I'm not the only one, am I" he asked evilly. I flushed. “Mom and Dad left you too, didn't they." He said in a mock sadness tone. As he said that, I felt tears well up in my eyes, and a lump grow in my throat. Why was he doing this to me? What had I done to him?

“Lets not forget Lyn-Z, now. Remember her?" Mikey asked maniacally. The mere mention of my ex-girlfriend's name, the name of the woman who'd savagely ripped out my heart, the name of the one person I'd thought I'd wanted to spend the rest of my life with, destroyed me. I lost control. I broke into sobs. I cried so hard I was trembling. Mikey didn't even seem to notice. He just kept talking.

“Would you care to know why we left you, Gerard?" He asked. I shook my head no. Mikey ignored my response, and just continued anyway.

“You disgust us. We couldn't stand you. Couldn't standing having to be around you. You drove us all away. So we fled. Fled as fast as we could. Fled from you. Honestly, I don't think we could get away fast enough. He told me. My knees went weak, and I collapsed onto the hard floor. I pressed my hands to my ears, trying desperately to block out Mikey's words. To no avail. I continued to choke out sobs. My heart ached and my throat burned.

“P..please" I begged, my voice cracking, “J..just stop". I pleaded with him. Desperate for him to just stop tormenting me. His words burned like fire and stung like a wound left by a blade. I couldn't take much more. Mikey just stepped toward me, before continuing.

“None of us ever loved you, y'know." He mused.“Mom and Dad despised having you as a son. You were a disappointment. The family screw up. An embarrassment to the rest of us. We often found ourselves wishing you'd never been born. It would've been better that way." He spoke so nonchalantly. Like the words he was saying weren't cutting me deeply. Like he was discussing the weather or something. He shook his head before continuing.

“Don't even get me started on Lyn-Z. Talk about a pity date. That's all you ever were to here. Some sad charity case. Some little bitch that meant nothing to her. He paused, glancing over at me. At my tear stained face, my eyes red and puffy from crying. I could barely breath. I was crying too hard.

“How do I know this, you ask? " He said to me, an evil grin plastered to his face. “She told me this herself. In bed. After I fucked her. Ah, good times. " He smiled to himself, and chuckled. I felt a tinge of rage, but it was drowned by my despair. Lyn-Z cheated on me? With my own brother!?We were together for three years. When did that happen? Why would she do that to me? Mikey took another step towards me.

“And as for me, the most entertaining, most fulfilling thing I've ever done is this. Letting you know how much we all hate you. Watching you cry your heart out like a little bitch. Ha. Priceless. " he smiled maniacally.

With that, he turned and began to walk away. But then he turned back to face me again. “No one had ever loved you, and no one ever will. Enjoy the rest of your miserable life. Alone. Alone is all you'll ever be. Goodbye, Gerard." Mikey turned again, and walked into the shadows of the room, vanishing.

The light overhead flickered, and then died. Leaving me to replay Mikey's words again and again in my head alone in the darkness.

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