Finding Love again

I've been in love with my best friend since we were kids, but things haven't been all that easy for instance, i moved away from my best friend when i was 14, and we kept contact that was until he became famous in the band One Direction.
Will i ever find him again or will i never see the one person who i have always ever again.


4. Figuring out where we stand

When Niall went on stage i saw how happy he was, and that made me think about the fact that maybe it's time to let Niall go for good. I can't compete with all this, he is so happy on stage and with me he'd have to take a break at least for a little bit and on his days off and i didn't want to take any of this away from him not even for a second.

About an hour later they got off the stage for a break and then Niall came over to me and he said

"hey look kinda stressed" 

"i'm okay it's just i don't want to get in your way"

"what are you talking about your not getting in the way, your fine"

"you love this and i love you and your gonna be very busy and i think that you should just focus on your career"

"what are you saying that we should break up"

"We weren't even really together we broke up the day i moved to america"

"babe.....don't say that i don't want us to be over we can pick up from where we left off"

"goodbye Niall have fun with your concert and your tour" then i kissed him and i walked away.

When i got home i went into my room and i crawled into bed and then an hour later i fell asleep

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