My Brothers Best Friend

Teenager Ashlie Loveridge goes to Paris, France to visit her older brother Alex Loveridge she meets his best friend Austin Mahone.

Part From Story
I saw a sexy brunette at least I think he had brown hair. Hazel eyes nice clothes... He's ... PERFECT!


24. 💕💕🏯The Perfect House🏯💕💕

Austin's Pov

Ashlie and I have been looking for houses and we found the perfect one this house was perfect because it was across the street from Alex and Brooke's house ever since Alex and Brooke moved it was just me and Ashlie.

The house was really tall, it had four rooms, a huge kitchen, a walk-in-closet in each room,a bathroom in each room, a big family room, and everything else you could dream of.

We were touring the house right now. "You have seen everything except for one room on the third floor let's take the elevator up there" the real estate lady said.

We saw the room and it had a door inside of it and that door lead to another room we went in there. "Ah yes this room is The Secret Room! Thins room is for special needs!" She smiled.

"We'll take it!" Ashlie nearly yelled I nodded and we had to do some paperwork. The house was $287,000. We paid and now we own this house.

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