My Brothers Best Friend

Teenager Ashlie Loveridge goes to Paris, France to visit her older brother Alex Loveridge she meets his best friend Austin Mahone.

Part From Story
I saw a sexy brunette at least I think he had brown hair. Hazel eyes nice clothes... He's ... PERFECT!


21. 💍Ten Months Later and The Proposal💍

Ashlie's Pov

It's been ten months since me and Austin started dating. Brooke and Alex got married then had twins. A girl named Brooklyn and a boy named Adam. When they got married Alex was 20 and Brooke was 19 and a half. They had Brooklyn and Adam when Alex and Brooke were 20.

Me and Austin were thinking of getting married but I don't know. Also I moved in with Alex and Brooke.

Me and Austin were cooking breakfast. I was making bacon and eggs while Austin was making blueberry pancakes and homemade orange juice.

"Babe can I ask you a question" he asked. "Yea what's up?" I asked as I turned my head to look at him I didn't see him and I looked down and he was on one knee. Brooke and Alex quickly ran in with Brooklyn and Adam. "Baby I love you so much and I was wondering if you would consider being my wife" he said pulling out a velvet box with a ring that was bedazzled.

I nodded my head quickly and said yes. He stood up slid the ring onto my finger and kissed me. I can't believe we're getting married!

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