My Brothers Best Friend

Teenager Ashlie Loveridge goes to Paris, France to visit her older brother Alex Loveridge she meets his best friend Austin Mahone.

Part From Story
I saw a sexy brunette at least I think he had brown hair. Hazel eyes nice clothes... He's ... PERFECT!


14. A Day With Austin 2

Ashlie's Pov

Dear Diary,

I know I haven't been writing in my diary lately but these past few days I've been having a blast I also saw Harry my ex-boyfriend.


Me and Austin are currently at Panda Express and are eating our China Chow -Chinese Food-

"You eat like a pig I SWEAR!" I nearly yelled "Shhhhhhh!" He whispered "and yes yes I do" he added "you say that like it's a good thing"

"It is a good thing I got it from Alex" he laughed "whatever" I smiled

When we were done eating we went to the movies and watched Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie and of course me and Austin had to get Nachos, Icee's and Butter Popcorn.

"We're so fat" me and Austin said in unison we laughed and walked into the arena or studio or screen room whatever it's called ( I'm not stupid in real life I know what they're called - From Author )

When the movie finished it was like 9 so we went home and we went our separate ways and I fell on my bed.


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